Iowa Governor Terry Branstad

April 2, 2012

Fellow Governors and Lieutenant Governors,

Governors across the country are at the forefront of job creation, knowing which tools are needed in our respective states to lure and keep businesses, ensuring we do everything within our power and ability to enable the creation of jobs our constituents need and deserve.

Each individual state has specific needs, specific goals, and specific ideas on fostering meaningful job and career opportunities for its citizens. In some states, it might be the incentives. In others, it may be a change to taxes and regulations. It is not easy, and in many ways it is an uphill battle, but one we are all willing to wage in order to improve the economic health of our communities.

However, despite our different approaches, one thing that all of us can agree on in our job creation efforts in this: Private companies should not be smeared with false slurs, lies and distortions that cause job eliminations. Period.

We are writing you today to join us in rejecting the smear campaign against lean, finely textured beef and instead embrace the science, data and facts that support this as a healthy and safe product. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack stands behind this product, noting the numerous safety tests this product has routinely undergone and passed with sterling results.

We were pleased to be joined last week by Governor Perry, Governor Brownback, Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy and Lieutenant Governor Matt Michels in support of a company that produces lean, finely textured beef, Beef Producers, Inc., in our states.

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