BPI Supports Giving Consumers a Choice

Dakota Dunes, SD (Nov. 6th 2013)

For over a year and half, BPI Technology, Beef Products, Inc., and Freezing Machines, Inc. (collectively, “BPI”) has strongly and publicly supported the USDA’s decision to allow companies to voluntarily include information on their ground beef packaging regarding LFTB content. Beef Products wasn’t just the first company to publicly support the USDA’s decision, it was also the first to encourage their customers to exercise this option. We feel by exercising this option companies can continue to provide a lean, safe, and nutritious lean beef product to an informed customer base. We want all consumers to have confidence in their ground beef choices.

We have and will continue to commit ourselves to ensure that consumers have choices when it comes to their ground beef. We hope that consumers will seek out science based and expert opinions when making their individual ground beef purchasing decisions. We are confident that when they do they will enjoy both cost and quality improvements by choosing LFTB.

A testament to the overall quality of our lean beef is that it has been enjoyed by millions of Americans, and has been served in over 300 billion meals for more than two decades. The USDA, FDA, consumer advocacy groups, food safety organizations, and experts have repeatedly supported the safety and quality of lean finely textured beef.

Craig Letch, Beef Products Director of Food Safety and Food Quality.

About BPI:

Headquartered in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, BPI is a family-owned set of companies that were founded beginning in 1976 by Eldon Roth and his wife, Regina. For more than 30 years, BPI has provided consumers with safe, wholesome, and nutritious lean beef – some of the leanest beef in the market. BPI’s lean beef has been a part of ground beef sold in the United States since 1993.

Since their inception, BPI has been recognized as a meat industry leader for food safety innovations and their commitment to making the highest-quality lean beef. The International Association for Food Protection honored BPI with its most prestigious award, the Black Pearl Award, for BPI’s efforts in advancing food safety and quality through consumer programs, employee relations, educational activities and adherence to standards. BPI was also recognized with the National Cattlemen’s Foundation’s Beef Industry Vision Award, the National Meat Association’s E. Floyd Forbes Award and the Food Quality Award.

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