What is LFTB?

LFTB ground beef burger

Lean Finely Textured Beef, or LFTB, is 100% beef.

It is simply the lean beef trimmed from sirloins, ribeyes and other whole muscle cuts of beef. No organs, tendons, bones or fillers are used.

It is very lean meat, typically 93-97% lean. Mixing with other whole muscle cuts of beef creates the wide variety of ground beef lean points you can find on grocery store shelves, from 73/27 to 93/7.

This makes ground beef more affordable and available. In numerous taste panels, consumers consistently choose hamburgers made with LFTB for their taste and tenderness.


LFTB production processWhen beef is divided into cuts, 53% go to steaks and roasts and 47% are cuts for ground beef known as beef trimmings – much like those you have at home after trimming a roast or steak.

To keep up with consumer demand for leaner beef, some of the beef trimmings that are used to make ground beef are sent to experts who can remove the fat from the lean beef. It’s not only a more efficient, more respectful use of the animal, it feeds a whole lot more people. And it keeps burgers leaner.

To make leaner ground beef from these fresh trimmings, some trimmings go through a specially designed centrifuge; the same method used to separate milk from cream. 
It spins at high speeds to  separate heavier materials, like lean beef (or milk) from lighter materials, like fat (or cream). Once the fat is removed, the beef from these trimmings is 95% lean.

Before it’s packaged, this Lean Finely Textured Beef, or LFTB, is flash frozen to preserve freshness and quality. The beef is then stored while samples are tested at independent laboratories. Only after each package of beef is cleared for safety is it then shipped to ground beef makers, who deliver the finished lean ground beef to restaurants and supermarkets.


LFTB not only helps make lean beef more affordable and available, but also more delicious. In numerous taste panels, consumers consistently choose hamburgers made with LFTB for their taste and tenderness.

At BPI, our commitment to food safety impacts everything we do. We've invested and re-invested in our facilities in order to make sure we are always able to produce the highest quality and safest lean beef possible. We set a higher standard for ourselves than anyone else would require. Our values demand that even if something isn't broken, we're still going to improve it.

Taste Test Panels and Studies

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Play Innovations In Safety Our food safety efforts start before we even receive beef from our suppliers. We partner with the best beef producers in the world to help us make our lean beef. All of the beef that comes into our plants is fresh and USDA-inspected. We purchase beef from only those suppliers who have proven/validated food safety systems in place to assure the safety and quality of the beef we purchase from them. We've designed and built our facilities with attention to every food safety related detail. Then, we operate them to the standards we set for ourselves, including use of the most effective food safety "interventions."

Experts such as Dr. Gary Acuff at Texas A&M University and Dr. James Dickson with Iowa State University, among many others, have continually reaffirmed that LFTB is 100% wholesome, safe, and nutritious lean beef. Hear more about what the experts have to say in our Resources section.


Experts have stated that consumers can expect to pay 5-10% more for lean ground beef if LFTB is not a part of the lean beef supply. 

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LFTB production processLFTB production makes it possible to have more of the leaner ground beef blends consumers desire at affordable prices. If LFTB were not produced, 1.5 million additional cattle would need to be raised and harvested annually. In a world where population is increasing, red meat consumption is rising, and available supply is declining, it would seem that getting all the lean meat from every animal is the absolute necessary and responsible thing to do.

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About BeefisBeef.com

Beef is Beef was created by BPI to share information and answer questions about Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB).

Headquartered in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, BPI is a family-owned set of companies that were founded beginning in 1976 by Eldon Roth and his wife, Regina. For more than 30 years, BPI has provided consumers with safe, wholesome, and nutritious lean beef – some of the leanest beef in the market. BPI’s lean beef has been a part of ground beef sold in the United States since 1993.

BPI is recognized throughout the food industry for making the highest‐quality lean beef and is widely considered the industry leader in food safety and food safety innovations. Today, the company is still run by Eldon, Regina, their children Jennifer and Nick, and Jennifer’s husband, Craig Letch.

For media inquiries or additional information please contact us at Beef is Beef.

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